Chat like a pro with Easychat AI, a great Windows app that leverages ChatGPT

It seems like not a day goes by without another way to use ChatGPT on your various devices, but this is one of the best for Windows right now. There is an official ChatGPT desktop app for Windows but there is this one too. ChatGPT Easychat AI and it’s essentially ChatGPT built. Easychat AI more importantly designed, for Windows. We love an app designed to fit the Windows aesthetic and Easychat AI definitely wins on that front.

ChatGPT’s apps, it’s not complicated to use. The experience is essentially the same as using the official client; type your request, get a response. Not exactly the same as OpenAI’s own app, but pretty close.

easy chat ai Easychat

The main difference is that when you use the official ChatGPT client you just log in and go. Easychat AI does not require an account, but it does require an OpenAI API key. You provide your own key and it is stored securely on your local machine, allowing you to access the servers as you wish. This app has no backend, it’s all done locally.

This means something important in terms of monetization. With OpenAI you will be in a pay-as-you-go setup and, to be honest, access via the API is very convenient. So far, I’ve spent $0.04 of the $5 free trial credit that OpenAI provides. Paying this way is definitely cheaper than subscribing to an app where you might not get your money’s worth every month.

However, app development is not free, so it’s understandable that its creator makes some direct money to help keep the lights on. Currently this comes in the form of a one-off lifetime upgrade to access premium features. But you can also use it for free, limited to one device and 30 queries per day.

The good news is that if you get it now, you can get lifetime premium access for the very low price of $0 USD. This gives you unlimited queries and the ability to use the app on up to 10 devices. Imagine if we still had Windows phones to use it on.
Other features include Markdown support for advanced answers and your choice of light or dark theme. But how to use it?

scasfas Easychat

It is just as fast as ChatGPT and naturally responds at the same level. If I had one criticism, it would be that ChatGPT handles formatting better than Easychat AI.

You can read our blog about Chat GPT-4 here.

Minor criticism aside, Easychat AI is a nicely made ChatGPT app. In part it seems to be, thanks to providing your own API versus subscription, quite affordable and doesn’t rely on any additional backend besides access to OpenAI.


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