Windows’ sysprep feature is used to create multiple Windows servers with similar features and save time. In this article, we will create a base disk of Windows Server 2019 with Sysprep over Hyper-V and create a new server with this disk. In this way, we will get our servers easily […]

After our Active Directory server is installed, it is time to make configurations on the machines that will connect to this domain. The priority is to provide network settings on the server to be connected. By running the ncpa.cpl command with Win + R, the page where network settings will […]

Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, and it comes with a lot of new and improved features that make it more user-friendly, productive, and secure. Here are 10 of the best features that you should know about Windows 11.

SFTP (Secure FTP Server) is a protocol that provides security and performance in file transfer operations. SFTP is a secure FTP server that helps to securely transfer files either by using SSH file transfer protocol or by using SSL/TLS over FTP. SFTP provides secure connections for file transfers between servers or from servers to users.

Do you want to use linux alongside windows? Then WSL is for you. WSL (The Windows Subsystem for Linux) To set up a GNU/Linux environment quickly and simply without leaving Windows, without resorting to virtual machine solutions that will put extra load on the system. This is an ideal solution […]

What’s behind the sudden decline of Windows 11 on Steam? About Valve’s monthly Steam Hardware and Software Survey results have been released, revealing a surprising picture for Windows 11 that no one expected. Statistics Following StatCounter’s March 2023 operating system usage report, Valve’s monthly Steam Hardware and Software Survey results […]